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Pic Pads Case Study

Case Study: PicPads

Pics to Pads Made Easy - E-Commerce Site and Marketing Campaign

By the end of 2008,, the site that helps create custom notepads from personal photos, had established a loyal customer base thanks to plugs by Rachael Ray and Oprah, among others. Customers loved the friendly customer service as much as the product. But with success came challenges and pressing business needs. PicPads had outgrown its original site so that product updates were cumbersome and error-prone. The site wasn't search engine friendly. And bumps in the ordering process created costly inefficiencies in customer service.

Blue Iceberg identified key areas needing improvement and delivered an enhanced website and marketing campaign in time for the Mother's Day 2009 buying season. The agenda: (1) develop a dynamically-driven product catalog and restructure the site for search engine optimization, (2) design a more user-friendly ordering experience to increase order size and improve order quality, and (3) create new site tools to guide customers through the creative process. As the project progressed, Blue Iceberg also recommended pricing and packaging policy changes, then worked with PicPads to develop a marketing plan to support the brand through seasonal updates and email campaigns.

In spite of an economy in recession, the preliminary results from Blue Iceberg's work are very positive: compared with the same period in 2008, sales volume is up 30% and the Color/Black & White order split has moved from 20%/80% before the site overhaul to 60%/40% after-- all of which translates to increased profitability.