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Interactive Strategy

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Blue Iceberg helps clients develop and implement effective interactive strategy.

We believe that interactive strategy must dovetail with a company's goals and its customers' needs and preferences. We also understand that thoughtful and successful web initiatives will usually influence business practices. Therefore, to formulate the right digital strategy, our integrated team immerses itself in our client's business-- online and offline across all customer touch-points-- to uncover insights, identify issues, align objectives and develop interactive strategies and marketing solutions that are right-sized for the organization's needs.

Strategic methodology and services include:

Market Research and Analysis: Through qualitative and quantitative research we help you understand your online market, the competitive landscape, and your positioning. Using strategic surveys, focus groups and usability tests, our audience assessment methodology gathers input from internal and external stakeholders across departments, organizations and markets. This helps us evaluate audience attitudes, needs and opportunities. Our competitive landscape assessment identifies category best practices and defines how to apply them to your interactive strategy.

Needs Assessment: We believe that understanding the needs of all stakeholders before undertaking a digital initiative helps ensure its success. So we assess the needs of the business in the context of the human, technology, time and financial resources available to devote to meeting the goals.

Strategic Planning: Our analysis helps you understand your web presence and other interactive marketing programs. We guide you in defining the objectives of your web presence and your interactive initiatives. The result is an executable strategic plan, our "Blueprint for Action".

Content Strategy: In interactive, the saying "Content is King" still applies. We help define the client's message and what the best is to deliver it to create the most compelling interactive experience.

Site Analytics: We use quantitative analysis to evaluate site performance and to shape interactive strategy. By analyzing server logs and tracking data, we can evaluate site traffic and fine-tune the user experience. This can enhance the business results and associated ROI of your web initiatives.

As a full-service interactive agency, we go beyond the strategy document to carry out web design and development and integrated digital marketing campaigns to drive the business forward.

To create an integrated interactive strategy for your organization, contact us.