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May 6, 2011

Richard Cacciato to Speak at IFCA 2011 Conference

Richard Cacciato has been selected to Speak at the 2011 Conference of the Insurance and Financial Communications Association in Nashville in October.

NEW YORK, NY - The Insurance and Financial Communications Association (IFCA) has selected Blue Iceberg cofounder Richard Cacciato to speak at its 2011 Conference to be held in Nashville, Tennessee. Richard will speak on the topic of "Changing Direction", and will focus on how new media has changed the landscape of marketing communications, giving marketers an unprecedented ability to establish a two-way conversation with its audience. From websites to social media to highly targeted email and digital marketing campaigns, marketers in all areas can now tailor messages to specific interests and engage their audiences with highly relevant information. The challenge for insurance and financial communicators is how to use interactive media channels within the regulatory constraints of their industries. Richard will try to provide some clarity in the changing sea of bewildering choices in the changing interactive landscape.

The conference will take place from October 2-5, 2011.

About the Insurance and Financial Communications Association (IFCA):
The Insurance & Financial Communicators Association is an international organization dedicated to the ongoing professional development of its members in life insurance and related financial services communications.

Founded in 1933 as the Life Advertisers Association, the organization was renamed the Life Communicators Association in 1984 to reflect its broadened scope. And members voted to rename the association again, in 2003 as Insurance & Financial Communicators Association to more closely represent its changing industry.

IFCA's primary objective is to encourage and promote the exchange of experience and ideas among its members through an extensive program of formal schools, workshops, seminars, Newsletters, research studies, networking, international awards competition and IFCA's showcase event: the three-day annual meeting.

The IFCA name reflects the diversity of its members and helps it recruit new members from more companies. They are one of the largest and leading industry-specific associations in the communications and advertising field.

About Blue Iceberg:
Blue Iceberg is a New York-based interactive agency providing interactive strategy, web design and development, and digital marketing services. With rigorous strategic analysis and client-side experience informing our insights, design and technology solutions, we harness the power of the internet to help brands and businesses thrive online. By seamlessly integrating video, content and design, we create visually engaging and intuitive interactive experiences that are customer-centric, integrate into our clients' workflow and build their businesses.