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January 23, 2012

Blue Iceberg Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

Blue Iceberg joins with Art Vietnam Gallery in wishing health, happiness and prosperity for the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

NEW YORK CITY (January 23, 2012) – Joined by our Hanoi-based client Art Vietnam Gallery, Blue Iceberg reaches across continents and traditions to wish all of our clients, associates and friends the very best for 2012 and for this Year of the Dragon! 

According to Suzanne Lecht, Art Director, Art Vietnam:

The Dragon is the most auspicious and highly revered animal in the Vietnamese zodiac; both holy and mythical, it is in harmony with the heaven and earth energies. A symbol of power, wealth and magnificence, the dragon is traditionally placed above doors to ward off evil spirits. The Vietnamese, according to legend are the progeny of a dragon, Lac Long Quan, and a fairy, Au Co. Therefore the Year of the Dragon is celebrated with great abandon as it promises to be a New Year full of prosperity and happiness.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi,
Happy New Year of the Dragon!

About the Vietnamese New Year
The Vietnamese New Year, Tet Nguyn Dan or Tet, is an important holiday and festival beginning on the first day of the lunar New Year and lasts a week, usually in late January or early February. It is considered the first day of spring. Among their New Year traditions, the Vietnamese prepare by cleaning their houses, cooking special holiday foods, giving lucky money to children and the elderly, and they use the occasion as a time for family reunions. 

About the Vietnamese Zodiac
The Vietnamese calendar begins on the same day as the more familiar Chinese New Year and they share the same zodiac. In the Vietnamese zodiac, the cat replaces rabbit and the ox is usually considered to be the water buffalo.  To find out what animal year you were born in, see the chart to the right.

About ArtVietnam Gallery
Art Vietnam has a track record of identifying and developing exceptional new talent. As a result, Art Vietnam is one of the world’s authoritative and sought-after resources and its gallery has become a destination for art tours of the world's leading cultural institutions, private collectors and diplomatic visits. The evolution of Art Vietnam's style mirrors the breathtaking pace of change of Vietnam itself-- a country steeped in tradition which stands poised on the leading edge of the international art world. With international tours and invitations, Art Vietnam Gallery is recognized both in Vietnam and abroad as an avant-garde voice of Vietnam today.

About Blue Iceberg
Blue Iceberg is a New York-based interactive agency providing interactive strategy, web design and development and digital marketing services. With client-side experience and rigorous strategic analysis informing our insights and solutions, we harness the power of the internet to help brands and businesses thrive online.  By integrating content and design in platform-agnostic presentations, we create engaging and intuitive interactive experiences that are customer-centric, integrate into our clients’ workflow and build their businesses.