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April 25, 2012

Blue Iceberg Creates a Game for the Cause of the Penguins

Blue Iceberg playfully employs its homepage on World Penguin Day to educate and raise awareness of penguin species and the threat to their habitat due to climate change.

New York City (April 25, 2012) – On World Penguin Day, which commemorates the time when the Adélie Penguins begin their migration to northern feeding grounds, Blue Iceberg converts its home page into an educational game on penguins.

For the next five days, Blue Iceberg stages a website take-over, supposedly by the penguins themselves. A visitor to the site first finds the homepage off-kilter and then is requested to help the penguins to restore balance so that the penguins can begin their migration. To play the game and fix the homepage, the visitor must match the penguin species to a fact particular to it alone. This provides a fun and creative way to educate viewers and raise awareness about penguin lifestyles and personality traits.

Five of the 16 penguin species are featured in the Match of the Penguin game: Adélie, African, Chinstrap, Emperor and Erect-Crested. Blue Iceberg would like to thank Lloyd Spenser Davis and for inspiration and the generous use of the penguin “head shot” photos used in the game.

The agency has long supported environmental causes, promoting awareness of the effect of climate's change on the earth’s polar regions and the wildlife they support.