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June 10, 2012

Blue Iceberg's Richard Cacciato Hosts Webinar on Mobile Best Practices

Richard Cacciato shares his mobile expertise as he joins with IFCA to host a Mobile Best Practices webinar.


ANYWHERE, USA - Blue Iceberg partner and co-founder, Richard Cacciato, invites you to join the mobile conversation at 2:30 pm ET on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 as he presents a webinar on Mobile Best Practices gleaned from his experience creating and implementing mobile initiatives.

When companies embrace mobile, create mobile-compatible websites and apps, it is often at great expense and with suboptimal solutions. How can a marketer make sense of mobile jargon? How do you understand the right strategy to become mobile-friendly? What is the best way to implement mobile-friendly websites? When do you build a website vs. a dedicated iPhone or Android App? So many questions make the process daunting and intimidating.

This June IFCA webinar will shed light and help you successfully navigate the medium, reviewing productive and cost-effective approaches to mobile, and mapping out the implementation strategies. Richard leads the discussion on execution and tactics that drive positive results for you and your business.

Visit the IFCA website to register today.

About the Insurance and Financial Communicators Association (IFCA)

The Insurance & Financial Communicators Association is an international organization dedicated to the ongoing professional development of its members in life insurance and related financial services communications.

Founded in 1933 as the Life Advertisers Association, the organization was renamed the Life Communicators Association in 1984 to reflect its broadened scope. And members voted to rename the association again, in 2003 as Insurance & Financial Communicators Association to more closely represent its changing industry.

IFCA's primary objective is to encourage and promote the exchange of experience and ideas among its members through an extensive program of formal schools, workshops, seminars, newsletters, research studies, networking, international awards competition and IFCA's showcase event: the three-day annual meeting.

The IFCA name reflects the diversity of its members and helps it recruit new members from more companies. They are one of the largest and leading industry-specific associations in the communications and advertising field.

About Blue Iceberg

Blue Iceberg is a New York-based interactive agency providing interactive strategy, web design and development, and digital marketing services. With rigorous strategic analysis and client-side experience informing our insights, design and technology solutions, we harness the power of the internet to help brands and businesses thrive online. By seamlessly integrating video, content and design, we create visually engaging and intuitive interactive experiences that are customer-centric, integrate into our clients' workflow and build their businesses.